BCR2019 Preliminary Scientific Programme

Friday, October 18th, 2019
09.00-10.30 Gastrointestinal Radiology I Musculoskeletal Radiology I Neuroradiology  I Oral Presentations
Moderators: S. Gourtsoyianni(GR) - M. Daskalogiannaki(GR) Moderators: A. Karantanas(GR) - V. Vasilevska – Nikodinovska(MK) Moderators: D. Zlatareva(BG) - E. Papadaki(GR) Moderators: S. Yarmenitis(GR) - D. Cokkinos (GR)
Imaging protocols in Dysphagia Management
L. Dagdilelis (GR)
Spondyloarthropathies - imaging spectrum
R. Georgiev (BG) 
Cerebellar imaging - variety of surprises and challenges 
D. Zlatareva (BG)  
GIST tumors: imaging characteristics
E. Chartampilas (GR)
Postoperativne knee - MRI after ACL reconstruction
V. Njagulj (RS)
Gadolinium deposition in the brain
E. Papadaki (GR)
MR imaging of perianal disease
E. Mainta (UK)
MR imaging of the ankle
C. Cevikol (TR)
Imaging challenges of the Brain Death  
S. Jeftic (BIH)
MR Enterography- how I do it
S. Gourtsoyianni  (GR)
Imaging of the diabetic foot
N. Sabir (TR) 
Mechanical thrombectomy in acute stroke-our initial experience
A. Vjolca (MK)
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Chest Imaging I Urogenital Radiology I Hepatobiliary Radiology I Oral Presentations
Moderators: D. Filippiadis(GR) - V. Sarajlic(BIH) Moderators: D. Akata(TR) - M. Spirovski(RS) Moderators: O. Akhan(TR) - F. Mihai(RO) Moderators: Tsili A.(GR)- S. Stojanovic(RS)
Imaging of the pulmonary nodules
S. Bayraktaroglu (TR)
Diffusion weighted imaging of female pelvis
D. Akata (TR) 
HCC in chronic liver diseases
E. Alexiou (GR) 
Lung biopsy: indications, technique, common and rare complications
V. Sarajlic (BIH) 
A paradigm shift in prostate MRI
M. Spirovski (RS)
HCC: the role of local ablation
O. Akhan (TR)
Percutaneous ablation of lung lesions
D. Filippiadis  (GR) 
PIRADS v 2 and Gleason score - side by side or miles apart
S. Dineva (BG) 
Diffuse liver diseases
S.M. Erturk (TR)
Imaging of interstitial lumg disease: Where are we now?
A. Tunaci (TR)
Imaging of testicular tumors
E. Stojovska Jovanovska (MK)
IFN free treatment of the cirrhotic patients
F. Mihai (RO) 
12.30–13.00 Honorary Lecture
Moderator: N. Gourtsoyiannis(GR)  
Medical Imaging: from radiography to radiomics
S. Efremidis (GR)
Interventional Radiology,Vascular studies and cases
Moderators: D. Tsetis (GR) - E. Brountzos (GR)  
The Image Guided Therapy journey to ""Zero"" Patient dose
S. Slijderink (NL)
Clinical Marketing Specialist, Philips Image Guided Therapy Systems, The Netherlands.
13.45-14.30 Break
14.30-16.00 Oncologic Imaging Junior Forum Session Oral Presentations
Oral Presentations
Moderators: S. Stojanovic(RS) - I. Tsitouridis(GR) Moderators: D. Akata(TR) – K. Chlapoutakis(GR) Moderator: M. Krokidis (UK)-D. Filippiadis (GR) Moderator: L. Dagdilelis (GR)- E. Mainta (UK)
Imaging in pharyngeal cancer: key points
N. Traykova (BG)
Pearls and pitfalls in the imaging of female pelvis: indicators for diagnosis
D. Akata (TR)
Diagnostic-CT and MRI criteria for monitoring biologic therapy response of colorectal metastatic liver lesions
V. Vucaj Cirilovic (RS)
How to interpret a mammogram: traps and pitfalls
N. Dimitropoulos (GR)
Staging ovarian carcinoma, keys and pitfalls
S. Stojanovic (RS)  
Characterization of liver lesions: benign or malignant
I. Blazic (RS)
Hybrid Imaging in Oncology
S. Lucic (RS)
Acute abdomen: decision making in diagnostic imaging step by step
M.R. Onur (TR)
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Head and Neck I Interventional Radiology I Emergency Radiology - Trauma Oral Presentations
Moderators: D. Kozic(RS) - M. Mantatzis(GR) Moderators: E. Brountzos(GR) – D. Karnabatidis(GR) Moderators: A. Palko(HU) - M. Krokidis(UK) Moderators: S. Detorakis(GR) Hazirolan(TR)
Imaging of laryngeal cancer
I. Celebi (TR)
Fibroid embolisation
V. Berczi (HU) 
MDCT technique in the diagnosis of polytrauma
A. Palko (HU) 
Imaging of oral cavity and oropharyngeal tumors
N. Duce Meltem (TR)
Endovascular treatment of portal hypertension
E. Brountzos (GR)
Pevlic trauma - the role of interventional radiology
M. Krokidis (UK) 
Imaging of orbital pathologies
D. Kozic (RS)
Endovascular Treatment of Hemodialysis Fistulas
D. Karnabatidis (GR)
Imaging of orbital trauma
A. Cengic (BIH) 
Endovascular treatment of wide neck aneurisms on anterior circulation
M. Lazareska (MK)   
Percutaneous Urological Interventions
E. Kehagias (GR)    
Imaging of cardiac trauma 
J. Stojanovska (USA)
18.00-19.00 Breast Imaging Image Interpretation Session Radiomics/Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence Oral Presentations
Moderators: V. Beslagic(BIH) - N. Dimitropoulos(GR) Moderators:M. Vlychou(GR) Moderators: N. Papanikolaou(PG) - S.M. Erturk(TR) Moderators: V. Xydis(GR)- K. Karaali (TR)
  Breast cancer screening in Japan
Y. Nakajima (JP)
Speaker: D. Cokkinos(GR) Machine learning
N. Papanikolaou (PG)  
  Imaging of male breast
S. Antevska Grujoska (MK)
Deep learning
K. Marias (GR)
  What is new in radiology of breast cancer
D. Djilas (RS)  
Modern applications of DWI in oncologic imaging 
M. Hatakenaka (JP)
19.00   EC Meeting & General Assembly
Saturday, October 19th, 2019
09.00-10.30 Gastrointestinal II Musculoskeletal Radiology II Neuroradiology II Balkan Study Day Hologic Breast Imaging Sessions
Moderators: P. Prasopoulos(GR) – N. Courcoutsakis(GR) Moderators: S. Orguc(TR) - D. Filippiadis (GR) Moderators: M. Lucic(RS) – C. Calli(TR) Best Practices in Breast Cancer Detection
Abdominal wall hernias
N. Courcoutsakis (GR)
Enchondroma versus low-grade chondrosarcoma: MR imaging
R. Arkun (TR)
Quantitative Neuroimaging Biomarkers
M. Lucic (RS) 
09.00 Setting up a National Screening Program
Neoplasms of the peritoneal Cavity
P. Prasopoulos (GR)
Interventional treatment of spine lesions
D. Filippiadis (GR)
Imaging in neurodegenerative disorders|
C. Calli (TR) 
09.30 Tomosynthesis in Screening
CEUS in diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
S. Yarmenitis (GR) 
Benign and malignant adipocytic tumors
S. Orguc (TR)
Imaging of cranial nerves
K. Karaali (TR) 
10.00 Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography: Practical Considerations
Transcatheter arterial embolization in acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding
T. Kratimenos (GR)
Postoperative spine
K. Spanakis (GR)
Brain: Functional and Structural Connectivity
V. Xydis (GR)
10.30 Quality Control in mammography screening
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Chest Imaging II Urogenital Radiology II Hepatobiliary  Radiology II Balkan Study Day Hologic Breast Imaging Sessions
Moderators: M. Nedevska(BG) – M. Karlovic Vidakovic(BIH) Moderators: M. Ozmen(TR) – I. Peteinarakis(GR) Moderators: N. Elmas(TR) – C. Triantopoulou(GR)
Chest HRCT imaging in smokers and ex-smokerss
E. Detorakis (GR)
Congenital uterine anomalies according to the ESHRE/ESGE classification  - MRI pictorial review
G. Hadjidekov (BG)
Hepatic Incidentalomas
A.Tsili (GR) 
11.30 Breast Density and Personalized Screening
Chronic pulmonary thromboembolic disease - radiology perspective in multidisciplinary team
M. Nedevska (BG)
Imaging of the uroepithelial tumors
M. Ozmen (TR)
Challenges in Pancreatic Cystic Tumors
N. Elmas (TR) 
12.00 Artificial Intelligence: From Hype to Reality
Imaging of acute dyspnoea
K. Tavernaraki(GR) 
Renal lesions characterization with MRI
M. Secil (TR)
Focal mass in chronic pancreatitis
S. Papaioannou (GR) 
13.30 Wireless localization of non-palpable lesions
MRI of the brachial plexus: Traumatic and nontraumatic causes of brachial plexopathy
M. Karlovic Vidakovic (BIH)  
Imaging of the adrenals
F. Obuz (TR)
Rare pancreatic neoplasms
C. Triantopoulou (GR)
14.00 Advances of intraoperative imaging and other options for breast conservation surgery
14.30 Rotating workshops and hands-on sessions (30 min each)
12.30–13.00 Honorary Lecture
Moderator: D. Tsetis(GR)
Embolization Techniques for vascular malformations
N. Hayashi (JP)
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis(GR)-M. Krokidis (UK)
How Augmented Reality helps making Interventions better
Dr. Christof Sommerk (DE)
Heidelberg University .
13.30-14.30 Break
14.30-16.00 Cardiac Imaging Oral Presentations Oral Presentations
Moderators: R. Maksimovic(RS) – V. Groudeva(BG) Moderator: E. Kehagias(GR) Moderator: K. Spanakis(GR)
MRI in myocarditis
R. Maksimovic(RS)
CT imaging in congenital heart disease in adults - expected and unexpected findings
V. Groudeva (BG)
CT coronography: an update
K. Michailidis (GR)
Imaging of non-ischemic cardiac pathologies
T. Hazirolan (TR)
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Head and Neck II Interventional Radiology II Paediatric Radiology
Moderators: N. Traykova(BG) – Z. Merhemic(BIH) Moderators: M. Totev(BG) – R. Uberoi(GB) Moderators: D. Negru(RO) – K. Chlapoutakis(GR)
Advance imaging in vertigo
Z. Merhemic (BIH) 
Embolization of carotid-cavernous fistula - where we stand today?
S. Sirakov (BG) 
MRI of the fetus: an overview
D. Negru (RO) 
Paranasal sinuses on CT imaging
S. Sotirovic - Senicar (RS) 
SFA PTA & stenting
M. Krokidis (UK) 
Pontine morphometry in fetuses with agenesis of the corpus callosum assessed by fetal MRI
K. Koprivsek (RS) 
Parapharyngeal space and its specific pathologies
C. Karaman (TR) 
Intraarterial Chemotherapy of brain tumors
M. Mantatzis (GR) 
Ultrasonography of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)
K. Chlapoutakis (GR)
Up-to-date imaging of the cervical trauma
N. Bulakbasi (TR)
EVAR : an update
R. Uberoi (UK)
Renal pelvic dilatation in fetus
M. Arvaniti (GR)
18.00-19.30 Closing Ceremony and Awarding