Useful Information

Official Language

The official language of the Congress is English.

All abstract submissions and presentations are to be in English.

No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Scientific and Commercial Exhibition

A comprehensive Exhibition will run during the Congress. The Exhibition will be at the Congress venue.

Audiovisual Equipment

A Speakers Ready Desk will be available for presenters, every day throughout the Congress. Please note that you need to bring your presentation (PPT or PDF format) on a CD (not a ZIP disk!) or on a USB stick.

Personal laptops are not allowed.

We advise you to do this the day before your presentation or, if not possible, early in the morning of the day of your presentation. If a presentation is scheduled early in the morning, speakers are kindly requested to check their presentation the day before.

If you are using embedded video clips in your presentation, please remember to submit video files separately.

Registration and Accommodation

All participants must submit a completed registration form. Hotel accommodation at special Congress rates will be available to participants at the Congress website.


For identification purposes and admission to session halls, participants are requested to wear their badges, which will be given to them upon registration, at all times. Admission to the Congress areas (meeting halls, e-poster and exhibition areas) will not be allowed without badge identification.

Certificate of Attendance

Registered participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance the last day of the Congress.

Liability and Insurance

The organizers accept no liability for any personal injury, the loss or damage of property or additional expenses incurred by participants either during Congress or as a result of delays, strikes or any other circumstances. Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.


GMT +2 (GMT +3 between last Sunday in March and last Sunday in October).


The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild winters. Heraklion has a typically Mediterranean climate. Situated by the sea, the city’s climate is directly affected by it.

For more information please visit: or

Electric Current

Electricity in Greece, as in the rest of Europe, comes out of the wall socket at 220volts alternating at a 50cycles per second. The sockets are for plugs with two or three round pins in a row (CEI 23-16/VII and CEE 7/4 German style Schuko). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor.


Euro is the official currency in Greece. Money exchange is available in most of banks. There are plenty of cash dispensers in Heraklion. Major international credit cards are widely but not always accepted in Greece (check in advance is small restaurants), and are not commonly used for small amounts. Banks are open from Monday to Thursday 08:00-14:30 and on Friday 08:00 – 14:00.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, shops and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are accepted.

Banks and ATMs

Banks are open from Monday to Thursday, 8:00-14:30 hrs and on Friday, 8:00-14:00 hrs; on Saturdays and Sundays they are closed. ATMs are widely available all over the country. For further details while in Greece please consult your hotel concierge.

International Calls

Dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number. The international code number from abroad is + 30 followed by the number code of the person you are calling, comprehensive of the ‘2810’ of Heraklion region.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Tourist Police: 171

Police Emergency Line: 100

Airport Police: 2103536919

Fire Emergency: 199

Ambulance Service: 166

SOS Doctors: 116

Emergency Hospitals / Pharmacies: 14944

European Emergency Service: 112

Telecommunications info: 11888

Weather: 14944

Time: 14844

Heraklion Airport: +30 2810-397129, 397136 (info 24hrs)

Tourist Police in Heraklion: +30 2810-283190

Service of Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

American Express: (+30) 210 3397250

MasterCard: 00800118870303

Diners: (+30) 210 9290200

Visa: 00800116380304

Eurocard: (+30) 210 9503673